Letter from The Royal House of Hawai’i


We would like to share the letter received.

Letter from The Royal House of Hawai’i – July 30, 2018

Welina me ke aloha,

On behalf of their Royal Highnesses Prince Darrick Baker and Her Royal Highness Princess Anna Baker of the Royal House of Hawai’i, I bring you Greetings.

Their Royal Highnesses have directed me to tell you how proud they are of your efforts to spread the Aloha spirit in Canada and continue the traditional Hawaiian Dance and Culture.  In these times of tragedy in Canada and in Hawai’i, it is impressive that through Dance and Culture you can calm the thoughts of so many.

Please accept this letter as a token of thanks From their Royal Highnesses for what you have achieved and we are sure you will continue to achieve.

Me ka mahalo nui

Joseph Blake KCK KCO                                                                                            Consul to the Royal House of Hawai’i in Canada          http://royalhouseofhawaii.com/home

Jay Larrin & Henry Kapono Concert

Opening Performance at Jay Larrin & Henry Kapono Concert at Kay Meek Arts Centre on February 7, 2020

Hello Yoshi –
Thank you SO much to you and your beautiful dancers for coming out on Friday night. I am so sorry that I didn’t get to see you after the show – the whole evening was rather hectic and I wanted to personally thank you and the ladies. I did see some of them leaving and thanked them but please do pass along our gratitude. They really made the night special and it was the most incredible way to start the show.
Did you happen to get a photo of Mark Sager with Henry Kapono? I didn’t get one and I wanted to post one. Also if you could send me some photos of the ladies on stage – I have one but you might have a better one you’d like me to use on social media. 
Thank you again and I will be sure to keep you in mind for any other events that we might do. 

Maureen O’BrienSocial Media – PR – Communications maureen@velocitypr.ca 604-613-4052 www.velocitypr.ca

Cavell Gardens

Performance at Cavell Gardens on November 29, 2019

Hi Yoshi,

I want to thank you so much for the outstanding performance that you and the wonderful hula dancers (Wailele Wai Wai) performed for the Hawaiian Day at Cavell Gardens.  Over 62 residents attended Hawaiian Day and they thoroughly enjoyed Wailele Wai Wai.  Hawaiian Day was a big success largely due to Wailele Wai Wai.  They were fabulous.

Yours Sincerely,
Gary PagetResident Activity Liaison